Machinery Dismantling

We provide turnkey machinery dismanlting, rigging, removal, trucking of all types of machinery. Our project management team with over 25 years of machinery experience can assist you with these projects. All American Alloys being so diversified works with building owners,landords, small business owners, fortune 500 firms. government agencies, pharmacutical facilities, industrial manufactures, smaller scrap metal companies,local scrappers, plumbers, electricians, siding companies, forklift repair shops, moving companies, and all other types of service oriented firms.

August 2012 - Contracted to Dismanlle ,Remove, truck and Scrap - 2 large Print Presses from local printer.

September 2012 -Conveyor removal specialists - Currently in process of scrapping out 2 large distribution warehouses, conveyor systems and  warehouse facilities.

We have recentley completed  dismantling of a 900,000 sq ft apparel warehouse to Dismantling and Rigging of 300,000 sq ft manufacturing facilities.

We were the preferred rigger / dismantler /and Scrap Metal Recycling firm for the an Auction Company and handled 90% of rigging and loading of all the equipment sold at auction from a local large industrial manufacturer. This Project included over 50 oversized SS Tanks, Entire Production Lines, individual pieces of equipment, a complete machine shop,  tractor trailers, tankers,parts supplies, roof top units, process piping and utilities.

Another notable project was dismantling the "Money Shredder" for the Federal Reserve, which we were prescreened, backround checked and given security clearance to perform this work inside the High Security Federal Reserve Facility.

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